We hope to protect the world of having abundant nature and safety for future children.

EUYEN will establish a brand which develops environment-friendly products and doesn’t cause damage to the environment by the use of self-developed natural rubber foam material.

EUYEN’s products cannot be produced only in one country.
EUYEN’s brand cannot be produced only by us.

EUYEN’s products are manufactured, purchased and used by various people in many countries, which becomes our tomorrow’s provision to create our brand vision.

We won’t create products which cause damages to nature from ones that humans make.

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  • Mission 01 The world's first natural rubber foam material

    Mission 01The world’s first “natural rubber foam material”

    Harmful substances are not used for the natural rubber foam material that is made with our special technology. It is highly biodegradable and doesn’t generate volatile organic compounds (VOC) even though it is dealt with as incombustible garbage because of no use of harmful substances.
    “It is harmless for lives of humans, animals and plants.”
    Natural rubber made from sap of a naturally-grown gum tree is a material which conforms to environmental problems.
    It is also an epoch-making technology that solved all the problems of soles made from traditional natural rubber, “heavy”, “low grip ability”, “vulnerable to heat” and “easily collecting dusts”.

  • Mission 02 Realization of biodegradability

    Mission 02Realization of biodegradability

    It is a product which realized shoes’ biodegradability.
    Soy beans’ fibers and organic cottons are used for uppers, while using PLA parts including a material of our own natural rubber for the stabilizer and the arch support.
    For an outsole, a material of our proprietary natural-rubber is used and a natural rubber-made glue is used for cementing. As such, these are shoes that have realized high degradability.

  • Mission 03  300million children without shoes

    Mission 03 “300million” children without shoes

    It is said that there are 300million children without shoes. They tend to get injured and have some diseases due to being in bear feet.

    EUYEN hopes that we’ll introduce “manufacturing factories” and “facility of injection machines” in poor areas by using a part of sales we’ve gained to create “employment” and sell shoes cheap and provide them to many people in those areas.
    Introduction of injection machines in those areas can make us sell shoes very reasonably.
    We hope that people in those areas will lead a safe and secured lives wearing those shoes.

    It’s a method to make a molded product by pouring a heated and melted material into molding while pressuring it. For the process of the work, there’s no need of either strength or knowledge. A material and a machine will do for manufacturing.